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Tried to post this last Monday but I really couldn't because all my time was devoted to my midterms. Nearly done with all of them! Just two more to deal with! I'll try to blog more this week to make up for the lack of posts this month! Haha. :] But let's focus on this week's inspiration post first! :]

Gianfranco Ferré
I know this is more than a week overdue but I still had to include it in this week's entry! After all, it really still does inspire me! :] Heehee. More over here.

Photos via fgr

Another fashion show from last week. Again, I love how costume-y it is! :] Read and see more here.

Game of Thrones Seven Devils Trailer
April 1st is so so so near. CANNOT WAIT. NUH UH. CANNOT. laksdjl. Entry on the third book coming your way this week! :] 

Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jeane
Had a midterm project made around this woman! Can't wait to share it with all of you! :]

Photos via All About Marilyn Monroe

Nancy Zhang
If you're a lookbooker like me, I'm pretty sure you've heard of this talented lady! I've been following her blog ever since I saw her on lookbook and all her illustrations really inspire me. She makes me want to get better at watercolors! Well, all the artists I like make me wanna get better. Isn't that the whole point? Haha! She's amazing and oh so cute! Take a look! :]

Lego, Lego, Legoooo!
It's no secret that I love and still play with Lego! My sister has been collecting them for the longest time so these little building blocks and minifigures are something I see on a daily basis! Cannot wait to get my hands on the guy in the bunny costume, Little Red Riding Hood, King Triton, the hippie, and the bride from Series 7! The bagpipes are kinda cute too. I want that too! And the nerd! GAH. This isn't even released yet, haha!

Hello, Harry Potter!

 Batman! ❤

Photos from lego.com and here

Food from A Beautiful Mess
I love this blog and I'll definitely write more about it in next week's Weekly Inspiration post! :] The recipes they share seem so easy to make! They're making me want to start cooking, haha! I never really wanted anything to do with cooking because I'm afraid of fire, it just wasn't my thing, andd did I mention that I am terribly afraid of fire? Yup, there you have it. I always loved baking but I'd never go near the oven, haha. Other people would do that. That's why I'm super happy these recipes don't really need that much fire! There's fancy butter, oatmeal 9 ways, grilled cheese 9 ways, and pizza 9 ways! All things I love! Been wanting to try out those butter recipes for quite awhile now!

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