Fall 2012: Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou has quickly become one of my favorite designers. Every single season of fashion week I find myself anticipating the release of her next collection. She never ever fails to amaze me. The prints, silhouettes, and techniques she uses are genius. Oh, how I would love to see her dresses in person. Yup, even just seeing them would make me happy. Just so I could marvel at all the details. Sigh. 

 Again, I am lagging behind and will post my Weekly Inspiration entry tomorrow! I've been feeling really ill the past few days and haven't been able to do much besides lie down and watch Harry Potter with my sister. I even missed a field trip today :[ I really was looking forward to zip lining too! An odd field trip for a fashion student, right? But it sounded really fun! Sad I missed out but I really couldn't risk getting even more sick. Midterms are coming up!

Also, I don't want to bombard you guys with three posts tonight, haha! Another runway show to follow! :] Any guesses on what brand or designer it'll be?

Photos via fgr

Everything will stop on a dime
Everything will crash into itself in good time
Do you want to beat your own heart beat your own heart
Or leave it behind

- Do It Now, Ingrid Michaelson


  1. The patterns on this collection is just WOW. It's not something that you can wear outside but it's a sure scene stealer! I love it!

    Renee J.

    1. very nicely said! they're more statement than wearable but they are breathtaking! :] thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :]