It's Someone's Birthdaaaaay!

Happy, happy birthday, Kyle!!!! >:D< I think it's only fitting that I post this outfit since you took the photos and you gave me that baseball shirt. I borrowed your beanie for this one too, hehe. Also, we were kinda matching that day, don't you think? :]

This post, like the one last night, is scheduled because right now I'm somewhere having dinner with the birthday boy, his family, and some really good friends. 

I've got to say a gazillion thank yous to Kyle for all his support and everything he does for me! But since we're on my blog, let's focus on how he really helps out with this little space of mine. It really wouldn't be where it is now without you! Hello, Mr. Awesome Photographer! That isn't the only thing he does for my blog (even though it is mainly what he does do, haha)! But you have got to give it to him 'cos he is pretty darn good at it, right? RIGHT?! I can't believe you're 20!!!! Haha. :] I bet your birthday will be full of awesomeness but I'll still say it. I hope you have an uh-mazing one! :D And I must say I really am blessed, heehee. You know why :]

Please don't judge me, hahaha. This is still an outfit post after all. :]

I know you hate shots like this because it's out of focus.. but I still love it and would gladly use it (as you can see, haha)! :] 

I don't really post photos like this.. but it's your birthday soooo here you go! :]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! >:D< Told you we matched ;]

And thank you, Niro, for taking these photos! :] We had fun with you and Y that day!

P. S. This set is one of my favorite sets Kyle has ever shot of me (and if you can tell --cos of my hair-- this was taken late last year)! For some reason, everything decided to work well when we took these! Even my hair cooperated, haha. Missing that length but it'll be back soon enough :] Let's stop with all the hair, yeah? I know I'm crazy. I also love this very boyish outfit. But let's focus on the birthday celebrant! You guys can greet him if you wanna! :] Anddd if you wanna support him check out his flickr and soundcloud! :]

P. P. S. I hope my writing didn't confuse you guys. Sometimes I say you and I'm talking to Kyle. Other times I say it and I'm talking to all of you-- my readers! I hope you all get what I mean, hahahaha. Enough confusion for tonight. Have an awesome March 1st, everybody! :]

Everybody knows the love
Everybody holds the love
Everybody folds for love

- Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson

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