Week 7: Eyes

Some watercolor illustrations I had to do for my Mixed Media class! This class is actually quite fun. Our professor encouraged us to play with colors and that is exactly what I did.

I really hope I get better at using this medium because right now I'm pretty bad at it, hahahaha. 

This is a scheduled post because I am probably off somewhere listening to Kyle play :] If you see this please pray for him and wish him luck! I know he'll do awesome though ;]

First attempt! The photos above were my last attempt and they turned out to be the nicest, haha. 

Second attempt. Hello, eyes with no eyelashes. Haha. I intentionally left them out but now I am really wishing I drew them.

I don't believe in anything but myself
But then you opened up a door
You opened up a door
Now I start to believe in something else

- Soldier, Ingrid Michaelson

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