Week 7: Polymer Clay Accessories

Here's a little something I had to make for my Mixed Media class in SoFA. This is the activity I've enjoyed the most so far. I really like making crafty things and this was super duper fun! And cute, I might add. Heehee. 

We used polymer clay to make these accessories (I used Sculpey) then we had to bake them. We had to make a set of 3 and make packaging too! I decided to make 4 (cos it was that much fun, haha)! I made a hair clip (the floral one), clip on earrings (turtles), and two pins/brooches (bunny and dork). Made a little felt envelope for packaging!

I was really happy with how everything turned out and I got a really good grade so hurray! :] Excited to start using these pieces! My favorite of which is probably the floral clip! :]

In case you can't notice, the string is braided. The thinnest braid I have EVER made. This was actually painful, hahahaha. But it looks good so what the heck.

I gotta see, if I'm filled up when it's only me
It's not your fault but you just can't be here

- Once Was Love, Ingrid Michaelson


  1. you've always been creative. am happy to see you're enjoying the stuffs you're doing.

    1. aww, thank you! I still enjoy doing math too! :D Haha! :]