UNESTABLISH.COM New Arrivals: Veira Bags

UNESTABLISH.COM is pleased to announce the addition of Singapore bag label Veira to the expanding number of local brands it carries.

Veira is all about quirky statement bags that are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. The look is contemporary, yet classic; functional, yet fashionable; minimalist, yet intricate. Veira is built upon a mixture of modern female flair inspired by vintage silhouettes and complemented by an array of innovative detailing. Motivated by the emergence of a desire for distinctive styles, Veira bags are created for the fashion smart woman who is chic, confident and bold enough to be herself. Made to last, our line of bags are carefully crafted with love, joy and unrestricted inspirations.

They have such adorable bags so go and click click click to head over to UNESTABLISH.COM and check them out! :] I included some of my personal favorites in this entry so you guys have a better idea of what Veira is all about! :]

Super duper loving this awesome little wallet!

It just gets better and better!

Polkadots! Yummmmmmm!

You call me a mountain
and I call you the sea
I'll stand tall and certain, and watch you swallow me

- Mountain and the Sea, Ingrid Michaelson

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