Week 8: Fall 2011 Girls

I'm posting something I drew from Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. Two whole seasons ago! Haha. Was in the mood to draw that day and I had my Vogue Paris Collections Fall 2011 issue out so I decided to choose two looks and copy them. I love drawing like this and I'm having a hard time drawing a proper fashion croquis now, hahahaha. Oh, well. Not my style anyway!

I know I haven't been updating my drawings and crafts consistently. Will try to work on that! Got a bunch of posts waiting to be written out after I do all the work needed for my midterms. Grace pleaseeeee. :] 

I shall continue working. Hopefully, most of you can go to bed! Happy weekend, everyone! And goodnight! :]

I knitted you a hat all blue and gold
To keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold

- The Hat, Ingrid Michaelson