Weekly Inspiration

Here's a little something to cheer you up-- especially if you've been feeling a bit sick like me!

Topshop Unique
I posted this collection last night! Check out the other photos over here if you haven't already!

 Mary Katrantzou
Another collection I posted last night! She has got to be one of my favorite designers of all time! View more here.

Dr. Seuss Quotes
Did any of you read Dr. Seuss books when you were young? I did! But it was my brother who really loved them, haha. Saw a bunch of quotes on pinterest and decided to share some with you guys!

Pretty Pastels
Another something I found on pinterest! Oh, the lovely things someone can find over there!

Rosi Golan
Besides Ingrid Michaelson, I listen to this amazing lady a lot! Her voice is just marvelous.

Katie Rodgers
Katie Rodgers is an artist I discovered on pinterest yet again, haha. She is oh so talented and her illustrations always leave me wishing I was better at using watercolors!

Hippie Moodboards for school
This is a very poor version of the actual moodboard I presented in class. I just quickly collaged some of the photos I used. Such pretty pictures! They make me want to create headpieces! 

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