These photos and a WHOLE lot more coming your way in the next few weeks! I will finally be free after April 30th. As you can probably tell from my little blog break, finals take forever when you're a fashion student. It's all just so time consuming but I am definitely learning so much! Really challenging myself to be more creative. Took 10 minutes out of my incredibly busy night for this little entry right here cos not posting anything for weeks kind of upsets me! Just one more week and I will get all my lost sleep back! Yay! Back to work now! Hope the rest of you are enjoying summer break (even if it's unbearably hot) and/or your weekend! 

Can any of you guess who this is? :] Mentioned her a couple of times on the blog but I don't think I've ever posted a picture of her! And friends, please do not tell! Haha.

All the rowboats in all the paintings
They keep trying to row away

- All the Rowboats, Regina Spektor

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