And after weeks of no outfit updates, I am finally posting one! Thanks for the photos, Kyle! >:D< I wore this outfit to dinner with Kyle and his family on his birthday last month. March 1st to be exact. Another delayed outfit post. You guys can be expecting more of these soon!

I've missed blogging. It felt really weird not being able to update this little space of mine as often as I'd like to. I'll still be busy within the next couple of weeks but this will be a fun kind of busy! I'm going into production mode! Gotta design a couple of things tonight and tomorrow then buy materials on Wednesday! Excited :D Tell you more about it when I can. :] 

How are you guys spending your summer? :] Please do share!

The feather bracelet right here is gonna be in another entry soon! :] Hope you guys can check that out when it's up! 

Me and the faces I make when Kyle shoots me. Hahahaha. I completely forgot I even did this, haha.

I'm wearing:

Top from Kyle
Pants from Forever 21
Bracelet by me :]

I collect my moments
Into a correspondence
With a mightier power
Who just lacks my perspective

-Machine, Regina Spektor


  1. love those pants...they look comfy!

    xoxo from nyc &

    1. they are extremely comfortable!! :] hehe thanks!