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Some photos I shared on instagram. Follow me (username: misspixiedust)? :D LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) has got to be my favorite Adventure Time character! Who do you guys like? :] Please do leave a comment! I love reading those! :] Anyway, if you keep reading, you'll see another character from Adventure Time, one from The Avengers and my little narwhals in the making, haha! I'm a busy busy bee. And it looks like there'll be no sleeping for me til I get everything done! 

I think I would've lost my mind if it weren't God's grace! Please keep it coming, Lord! So much to do, barely enough time. Actually, there really is not enough time. But somehow I just know that everything will pull together and be okay! And if it's alright with you guys, please pray for good weather this Friday and Saturday! :] 

I'll get back to working now! Gonna work on other characters from Adventure Time and The Avengers. And if by some miracle I have enough time, I'll work on some original designs! :] I am SO wishing I had Hermione's Time-Turner!!! That'd be so handy! But it's fine. Cos I have God and that is much much better! Haha.

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Have an awesome night, everyone!! :] And please drop by Unload if you can!! :] 

"No way. First, I'm gonna fall in love with one of those little guys, and then I'm gonna fall out of love. And then I'm gonna totally fake die, of a fake heart attack! Oh my heart! My heart hurts because I fell out of love! And now i have to diee! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

- Lumpy Space Princess (Conquest of Cuteness)

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