Bunny Snarl

So this is what's been keeping me busy! Been making a bunch of different things for Unload! Unload is a bazaar by Happy Nappy that will be happening this Friday and Saturday (May 18-19) at Enderun Colleges from 3pm to 12mn. Please be there and support my brand Bunny Snarl! :] It would mean oh so much to me!

Bunny Snarl is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I've been designing and making customized cases for friends and family. I also made a bunch of keychains to give away as gifts last Christmas. I knew I wanted to take this somewhere but I wasn't sure how to do this and what I would call it. I've been working on this since December last year and with a lot of prayer and advice from some important people, it finally came together! Couldn't be happier about it! :] Bunny Snarl still has a long way to go and needs improvement here and there but I'm glad I can now share it with all of you! :] Hope you'll all stay along for its journey! 

Anyway, these are just a few of the cases I've been making! You can see more photos if you click read more :> Will upload photos of the keychains I've been making in another entry for tomorrow. :]

As always, photos by the awesome Kyle who is in Rome right now on a photography job! :] Proud of you! More on that in another entry :]


Preview of my narwhal and turtle keychains!

All the details are in the poster below! Please be there and support me and Bunny Snarl! :]

I followed a bunny on a trail
Southbound I followed its tail
Rain and sun came and went
Oh bunny, won't you be my friend

- Kyle Quismundo

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  1. How much do each of those cost? And where can I get one?