Friendship Bracelets

So much to do tonight.. Gotta finish packing for our trip tomorrow, design some things for Bunny Snarl customers and list down a bunch of ideas I have for my blog! I'm actually looking forward to working at the beach, haha. 

Anyway, made these bracelets during week 10, I believe. Sorry. Haven't been keeping track of what I've been making and when I made them. But glad to say, I have definitely made something (actually more than one thing) for all weeks of the year so far. But I haven't been drawing every week. Haha. Oh, well. I'll try to draw more! But I don't know if I'll still post them. We'll seeeee! 

Better pictures of the bracelets after the jump, so click read more! :]

Photos by Kyle :]

I wanna go to Hawaii
Build my castle out of sand
And I won't need anybody
Telling me that I can't

- Hawaii, Meiko


  1. The bracelet looks darling! Thank you for the sweet comment! xo Kins.

    1. aww, thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment!!!! ❤❤❤