The Mock Turtle's Story

Seeeee! Post is up! Maybe not as early as I hoped or as early as you expected but it's up!! HAHA. Had a long day in school.. But than again it's like this every Tuesday. It was tiring but fun! Gotta say, I'm pretty excited to start sewing some things! It's a nice feeling :] 

Part of the reason it took me so long to publish  this entry is I couldn't figure out a title. Yup, coming up with titles isn't something I'm good at. Actually, while typing this I still haven't come up with one, haha. I'm rambling.

This is the final look from the shoot I had with Kyle for my Fashion Conceptualization class last term! You can check out the first two here and here! :]


I know I haven't been a consistent blogger the past few months. So much has been going on and I really had to prioritize those things. You can expect more photos from this set tomorrow! And I mean that because I'm already uploading them now to make it easier to post tomorrow! :]

I just felt like I needed to give a little update on some things I said I'd be doing earlier this year. Remember my reading, crafts and illustration project? I know I haven't been blogging about them. My bad. Haha. I have been sewing multiple things every single week this year, haha. I'm pretty sure that by the end of this year, I'd have done more than 52 crafts. We're halfway through the year and I've already sewed and made more than 40 things and I have a bunch of orders and projects lined up so I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. True most of the things I've been making are for Bunny Snarl, but since all my little creatures are designed from scratch and handmade with love I still count those as craft projects!