Black & Blue

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago to watch a movie with some friends (Hello, NY!). We ended up watching The Tourist. Loved my outfit but the movie, not so much, haha. It was kinda weird but I'll talk about my outfit which I know more about, haha. I'm wearing a striped, navy blue (though it may not seem so in the pictures) cape from HK, a gray tank top that came with it, black skinny jeans, Charles & Keith booties and my bowler hat. I have another version of this outfit below so keep reading! I wasn't sure how I wanted to wear this particular top. I loved the jeans and heels combo but I'd be walking around a lot and I wanted to be practical. Flats were the way to go but they looked better with the skirt. But then again I was going to watch a movie and it'd be cold in the cinema. Sometimes the way I over-analyze things is annoying. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe. Oh, how my mind works, haha! I ended up wearing my cape with jeans and sandals which, sadly, I don't have a picture of. So please forgive me and enjoy these photos instead :] Oh, and thanks to Kyle for the photos and title! :]

YUM! Don't you just love pretty heels? :]

Accessories: necklaces from HK, Just G, Forever 21 and Kyle :], silver bangles from Belle York, Lego watch and charm bracelet, pony tail holder. 

Close up of rings. Fox and owl rings from PLF and elephant ring from Belle York :]

The photos below are the second version of my outfit. I used the cape with a basic, black skirt from H&M, studded sandals from Parisian and the same accessories. Which version do you like better? :] 

Hype on lookbook and chictopia :]

My dear, come again, your voice is fading out and in
Out of the laundry bin, I found my inner sense again
The dog is always barking at the mailman

-Black & Blue, Miike Snow


  1. both outfits are gorgeous, you carry them very well!

  2. awww, you're so sweet! :] Thanks, dear! ❤

  3. Hi, Guia!

    I'm an intern at Depot Fashion Magazine (, and for our next issue, we're going to have a section on the stripes trend. We're going to feature different people wearing stripes, and I want to include you in our story. I discovered you via Chictopia. I really like how you wore your striped top in this post, and would like to ask permission to have one of your photos published in our March-May 2011 issue.

    Please let me know if we can feature you. If you're up for it, please do send me your full name, age, and where you got the striped item, which will be captioned to the photo.

    Thank you very much for your time, and I'm hoping to hear from you soon. :)

    --Gela Abores (

  4. oh wow!! :] thank you so much! i have to go do something now but i'll definitely email you later! Thank you SOO much! :D

  5. Love your skirt-studded sandals version. Looks so relaxed. I wish I could have gone to school looking like that! I could definitely do a lot more. :))

    Miss you, dear!

  6. I miss you too!! I had to make sure I knew exactly who you were first hahaha! I was like who's Allyssa? haha, aw go dress up! It's nice to do it once in a while! :] anyway, thanks for reading!!! ❤