This is another outfit I modeled and styled for Belle York's Campus Tripper catalog. I love this outfit because it's really easy to wear and it's super comfy, haha. Anyway, summer's just around the corner and though I'm loving school this term, I really cannot wait for it to end. I wanna do a lot of things this summer! Stuff like endless photo shoots, drawing, sewing some things and sleeping in, haha. I wanna try to make up for all the sleep I lost this term, haha! While it's nice to think about all that, gotta stay focused and start preparing for finals! I have about 3 weeks of school left so gotta start working on whatever projects I can, haha. Yes, I'm miss planner, hahaha. And speaking of school, I must get back to my homework for Digital Fashion Illustration. Making flats with Illustrator is kinda tricky but once I get used to it, I know it'll save me tons of time. Patience and grace please, Jesus. Happy Sunday, everyone! :] 

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]
Photo credit: Lea Valenzuela

"Roses are #FFoooo,
Violets are #ooooFF
All my base
Are belong to you"


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