Katy Perry ❤ Viktor & Rolf

So Kyle told me that Katy Perry had a new video out. I asked what song and he said E.T. I thought, hey this should be interesting. And interesting it was. Three words. VIKTOR & ROLF. I was seriously going "oh my gosh" when I saw the dress in the video, hahaha. Might be a bit shallow but they're my favorite designers! This isn't the first time Katy's worn Viktor & Rolf either, so that part didn't really surprise me. What surprised me was the dress she wore because if you see it on the runway, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be thinking, "Wow, this totally reminds me of aliens." Here's a picture of the dress (on the runway) she wore in the video.

Does that remind you of aliens or anything extraterrestrial? Well, it doesn't make me think of those stuff, haha. But Katy somehow made it fit into her video and I applaud her for that. Gotta love Katy Perry. My sister thought I was weird for freaking over a V&R dress in the video and not how weird or different Katy looked, hahaha. As I close, here are more pictures of Katy Perry in V&R. :] Funny how both dresses are from the Spring 2010 collection (my absolute favorite!), haha. :]

You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the light

-E.T., Katy Perry

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