Triumph International Award 2011

The Triumph Inspiration Award (TIA) is an international design competition that challenges fashion students to create a lingerie showpiece for the year’s design theme. The TIA is by one of the leading underwear manufacturers, Triumph International. This year the TIA was held in Berlin, Germany on July 6, 2011 during the Mercedes Benz fashion week.

More than 2,100 young designers from all over the world joined the TIA this year. 37 countries participated and the winner in each country’s nationwide competition was sent to the TIA finals in Berlin. 

Pristine De Guzman of School of Fashion and the Arts represented the Philippines in the TIA 2011. She was inspired by the power dressing of the 80’s and incorporated Triumph’s history as a corset maker in her design. Instead of the usual hidden boning in corsets, she made it visible outside to create a stronger silhouette. According to her, “women of today are strong, reliable and powerful, they are not afraid to take center stage as winners and leaders of the world.”

Pristine has been my classmate a few times now and I am so happy and so proud of her! Her creation was amazing and she definitely deserved to go to Berlin! Go Pristine!! :]

Pristine's look on the runway! 

Lily Cole with Theresa Leung and Claudine De Leon

 Pristine and her model

Pristine with Triumph Philippine's Denise Kahn

Pristine's look on Lily Cole!

3rd place: Diana Bobina from Romania with the creation AVA 1236

2nd place: Nurten Yüksel from Turkey with the creation Hezârfen

1st place: Boglárka Bódis from Hungary with the design Les Fleurs du Mal

 The winner and her winning look on Lily Cole.

'A representative from the Philippines asked the panel “If they prefer style over comfort with lingerie?” Anita Tillmann replied, “It depends on what you want to do.” The international press chuckled with her answer.'



  1. I hope i could wear one of your designs :)

  2. aw, wow, dear! none of these are my designs though :] But they sure are amazing! Especially Pristine's! :] maybe I'll post some of my own illustrations soon! Thanks for reading!