Blues and Whites

I wore this to the 60th birthday party of my uncle. It was a really happy family gathering. Too bad my uncle didn't have his voice that night! Decided to wear something comfortable, but I wasn't too sure of what to put together. Picked random stuff from my closet and most of what I got were in shades of blue and white. Blue. I really tend to dress in that color when I don't know what to wear, haha.

I got most of what I'm wearing from Bangkok-- the hat, top, bag, mint cuff, and boots. Even my skirt is from Thailand, haha. I'm not so sure if it's also from Bangkok as it was just given to me by my cousin. My skirt kind of looks like a pair of shorts in these photos, haha (in this post it looks as it's supposed to). Not so sure why, but it was probably how I wore it. What else would it be? 

I am so lagging on fashion week posts. Will try to catch up within the next 2 or 3 weeks. So many pretty things to show you!

Photos taken by the most awesome Kyle :] Can't wait to shoot with him again. He's got a new lens! I've been attaching a link to his name the past few entries but I never mentioned what the link was, haha. My bad. Click his name to check out some tracks he's made. :]

A new addition to my growing collection of hats. Love. You can never have enough hats!

Here's the mint cuff I mentioned earlier :]

Please meet my favorite boots. I haven't forgotten about my gray ones, but I'm letting them rest for awhile, haha. Love these boots! They're super comfy! Decided to wear leopard-printed socks to add something unexpected to my outfit.

Hype on lookbook!

More shots by Kyle

I'm wearing:

Nude Hat from Bangkok
Striped button-down top from Bangkok
Skirt from Thailand
Satchel from Bangkok
Boots from Bangkok
Socks from Hong Kong
Tinker Bell Watch
Mint cuff from Bangkok
DIY yellow-beaded bracelets
Multi-colored beaded bracelet from Divisoria
Eiffel Tower band from Paris

Did you leave those words around my door
Or did I sleepwalk and leave myself a note, so I don't feel alone

-Seeing Ghosts, Rosi Golan

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