Fall 2012: Proenza Schouler

This collection left me breathless. From the moment I saw it I couldn't get it out of my head!! The clothes from Proenza Schouler never ever fail to amaze me! There are a lot of boots I've been loving this fashion week! Some of which are included in this post! :] What do you guys think of this collection?

These dresses are perfection! They might be skirts and jackets but whatever. Still absolutely breathtaking!

I've been trying to stay away from black shoes and boots because I have enough black heels but after seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I felt this need to get myself the perfect pair of Lisbeth boots! These would be my version. Gah. Too pretty. Please be mine :[

Photos via style.com, collaged by me :]

It's a wonder at all that I'm alive
It's a wonder at all that I'm still standing
It's a wonder at all that I survived the war

- This Is War, Ingrid Michaelson

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