Live It With Love

A certain song by Ingrid Michaelson has been stuck in my head so I decided to name this entry after it. These photos were shot by Kyle last Friday. I love how he edited these shots! They totally go with my outfit, haha! Also, I must say that I absolutely adore the photo with the bus in it. Good job, Kyle! :] Thanks for always taking my pictures :D

Oh, any Harry Potter fans here? If you keep reading you'll see a cute little something that never fails to make me smile! :]

Anyway, I really like the outfit I have on here! I put it together kind of last minute so I'm happy it turned out fine, haha. I really need more pants like these in my life. Need. I'm planning to sew my own pair really soon. Hopefully that'll turn out well, haha. I still need to make a pattern so let's see how long it takes me, HAHA.

I noticed that if I'm not in blues and grays I gravitate towards a color palette like this. I think I should experiment with more colors, hahaha. 

Tomorrow will be a fun, fun day! I am so excited and I can't wait to tell you guys about it! But right now, I have to get some stuff done, get some reading done after that, then finally get some sleep. I really need to sleep more, haha. 

Some of my favorite bracelets!

Loooook! It's a Lego Hermione keychain! I also have the Ron keychain! Lego and Harry Potter is double awesome! Childish things like these never fail to make me smile. Next I need the Lego Batman keychain! And Catwoman! If you're wondering what that pretty white and black thing is, it's a tape measure that was given to me by my lovely friend, Jed! It's the most attractive tape measure I own! 'Cos I think designed tape measures are attractive, hahaha. I am talking/typing/thinking too much. Forgive me.

A closer look at Hermione!

Kyle used a wide angle lens (I hope I got that right, hahaha) for this hence the funny proportions. I look like a giant with a tree umbrella above me. 

I also love this shot right here, heehee ❤
Hype on lookbook!

I'm wearing:

Hat and glasses from H&M
Lace top from bazaar
Pants from Forever 21
Blazer from Kyle
Boots from Bangkok
Friendship bracelets from Elan

Sing oh
Sing oh
Tomorrow you will know there’s no day better than today
We don’t see how lucky these days are til they go away
Til these days go away

- Live It With Love, Ingrid Michaelson

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