Chum Lee Again!

Shot these photos a few weeks ago with Kyle. We were supposed to be doing an outfit shoot but I decided to take Chum Lee along and it quickly became a Chum Lee shoot, haha! I don't mind one but cos he's super duper cute! Just look at himmmmm! Don't you wanna play with him and hug him??

I am super loving the printed jacket I have on! Can't believe I nearly didn't buy it, hahaha. Good thing I did. I was thinking you can't go wrong with something that's only 90 pesos so I just went ahead and bought it. Good call, right? I'm really attracted to its colors and the print reminds me of corals and other stuff under the sea. K. It also reminds me of Spongebob, hahahaha. 

My iPod arrived a week (actually I didn't even have to wait a week long. Waited about 5 days) early and I am super duper grateful my parents gave it to me! :] The only bad thing is that it's been distracting me with all the games I can play on it, hahahaha. I really should get more work done. I don't wanna wait for it to all pile up :\ what a nightmare that'd be. 

I also have instagram now and I've been posting some of the things I make. :] Follow me if you wanna! Username: misspixiedust :]

Let's get back to the adorable Chum Lee now! 

His head reminds me of dandelions, hahahaha. 

I have no idea why I'm holding him down. Probably has something to do with that leaf he was trying to eat.

I'm wearing:

Thrifted jacket
Top from Bangkok
Jeans from H&M
Shoes from Hong Kong

Heeeeeeee. Chum Lee makes me smile :D I think I should try to take some pictures of our dogs, hahahaha. They make me smile even more!

Hope you liked the photos with Chum Lee! I'll be posting a bunch more within the week! 

Oh, Annie
I will think of you each time I see the sun

- Ice on Her Lashes, Brooke Fraser


  1. Well, you know what i think of toy dogs...... poor Thunder got left at home, just because he is a "real" dog? :)

    1. This one is Kyle's dog!! And it's so hard to take pictures of Thunder because he's always so excited, hahaha. But we play with him everyday! :]

  2. these pictures are so cute! love your top and the doggy is soooo sweet !


    1. aw, thank you!!! He really is sweet :] super playful tooo!! :]