Week 8 and 9: Fox and Wolf

Finally posting these cases I made some weeks ago! Extremely happy with how these turned out because unlike the other cases I've made (people give me designs and I sketch them out) I designed these two animals myself! :D Success! Haha. These cases were made for Miss Fox herself, Hanna, and her boyfriend! She said that they both love the cases so hurrah! She's asked me to make her a fox camera case so I'll be working on that soon! Also, these photos were all taken by her! Thanks again, Hanna!!! :D

This is a scheduled post as I'm probably off working somewhere while waiting for Yolanda Moon to play! Really excited for Kyle! :] So many awesome blessings have been pouring in. It's pretty amazing to see it all happening. :]

Got a bunch of school projects that will keep me busy during Holy Week so I don't think I'll be taking a break, haha. Must get on with all the school work. I refuse to let it all pile up! Haha. 

Earth Hour soon! :] Are you guys participating? Anywayyyy, here are the photos! There are a bunch of them because Hanna took a bunch and I decided it'd be a shame to not use them, haha! She posted even more than these! She was telling me how excited she was when she was shooting them so she went a little crazy. Super cute :] 

Mrs. Fox: You know, you really are... fantastic.
 Mr. Fox: I try. 

- Fantastic Mr. Fox


  1. The cases are brilliant! You are so talented :)

    1. thank you, Zuza!!! :] your comments always make me smile :]