Weekly Inspiration

I've been extremely busy with final projects lately and barely have any time left for blogging. :[ Gotta beat those deadlines and all. Prayer and Grace are the only reasons I'm pulling through. Time management and discipline are two things I need right now. But sometimes they escape me, haha. Like last night. I was super tired I ended up falling asleep... Don't you hate it when that happens? Funnily enough, this term's finals are pretty brutal but I actually like what I'll have to submit. So even though the next few weeks might will be crazy for me, I think I'll still enjoy it. Thank You, Jesus! :]

I actually have a lot to be thankful for because before this term, I was questioning myself as a fashion designer. Didn't really see it working out for me. Buttt right now, I think it could work out. :] Been designing clothes a lot lately and I'm actually going to have to execute some. Let's hope and pray this goes well, hahaha! I'll show you guys everything when my finals are over!! :] Soooo expect that to be around May! Haha. 

The things I post in these entries are the things that never fail to make my smile when I feel uninspired. So I thought it'd be nice to share them with you and hope they have the same effect on you!

Floral Prints!
Floral foreverrrrrrr!!!!! I don't think I need to add to that, hahaha. (images via here)

Pretty Interiors!
I guess I really am a girly girl even though half the time (actually most of the time) I dress like a boy, hahaha. I would love to work in an area similar to those in the pictures below! Wouldn't it be so inspiring? (images via here)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Read this book the last few days of March so I'll be blogging about it soon! I think I found a notable quotation on every page, hahaha! (images via google)

Cake Makers
This editorial caught my eye because of all the colors and cakes! I have a sweet tooth so this looked oh so appealing, haha! I also adore the makeup in these photos! And the hair! OMG the hair! I want pink hair for a day, hahaha. And hello pretty floral dresses in the last picture! Such a perfect spread! (images via here)


  1. Love the flowers! Especially the peacock bed with Marimeko pillow and flowery "K"! Don't doubt yourself as a designer! at this stage You never know where your journey will end, and even if you don't end up designing full time, just look at all the fun you are having on teh way!

    1. You should make a flowery K!! haha! :] awww thank you!! :] yup, I do enjoy it! i was just questioning my design DNA i guess? haha! :]