Chum Leeeeeeeeeeee

Here's that other Chum Lee entry I promised to post last week, I think. He's soooo cute!!!! And I am proud to say that I took most of these photos, hahaha! I think all except the ones with me in them, of course. :]

I have so much research to do today for school. I think I'll go get back to that now. Wish I could go out with my family. Maybe I will. I don't know yet, haha. I don't want to end up cramming :\ haha

Anyone excited for Easter Sunday? :] It truly is an amazing day we should all hold dear. 

Blurry Kyle, haha

Looooooook at that faceeeeeee! Gah.

"Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction."

- Alice in Wonderland (1951)


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    1. thank you!! he always makes me smile :]

  2. Still think you need to post pictures of Thunder!

    1. i need to do a photo shoot with him!! he's such a handsome dog!!! he's sick now :[