Weekly Inspiration

Been swamped with work lately so here are some of the things that keep me going. :]

Put your hope in God
I made this awhile ago because this is something God has been telling me for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Finally sat myself down to make this and it was kinda fun. :] Such a good reminder. My writing's kinda messy but I like it!

Anouck Lepere by Satoshi Saikusa for S Moda
Such a good futuristic editorial! Loving all the gold accents! And I love how it's still feminine! View the whole thing here (via fgr).

Camille Rowe for Free People March 2012 Lookbook by Anthony Nocella
Free People always comes up with desirable looks! Those strappy boots look amazing! More here (via fgr).

Zhenya Katava by Matthew Priestly for Fashion Gone Rogue
This one is a strong, kinda edgy, beautiful editorial! Love the choice of hair and makeup and the styling is wonderful! More here (via fgr).

A Beautiful Mess
I visit this blog on a daily basis! There are always new updates and it would kinda be amazing to have a blog similar to this! :] Really loving its vibe! They have everything from outfit posts to DIYs, hair styling tips, recipes, photography tips and so much more! Visit here.

Chocolate Rain
One of my favorite professors saw a few of my drawings and told me they remind her of Chocolate Rain. I had no idea what it was at the time so she told me to look it up when I got home. Heeeeee. I've got to say that they have the cutest drawings ever!!!! It's hard not to love every single illustration! Cute right?? They even have stitching details. Gah. Too adorable. Clickity click to see more! You know you wanna :>

Priscilla Ahn
Her voice is divine and this video is really whimsical and child-like which are things I love! Go watch! :]

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