Yolanda Moon

As you can tell from the awesome poster made by the awesome Niro, it's the launch of Yolanda Moon on April 4th! That's already next Wednesday! But if you're curious and wanna see them before that, they have an event on March 29th (this Thursday). Check it out over here! If you wanna know more about the band, keep reading. :D 

Yolanda Moon is this awesome band that Kyle plays guitar for! They're not an ordinary band and they have an unusual sound that I'm sure you will all like! Like I said Kyle's on guitar while Cholo Hermosa's on vocals/keys/drums and Allan Malabanan is on bass. So you don't have to wonder what they sound like, here's a video of the stripped down version of their song Smlltlk, shot in Cholo's apartment. They also played this song at their first gig! If you wanna see that video, click click click. :] You can go like their fb page while you're at it, heehee. :D

Really, really excited for this awesome band! I intentionally overused the word awesome. Same goes for all my exclamation points (but then again I think I do that in every entry, haha)! Cos they really are awesome! You guys should definitely watch out for them! :] And just in case you didn't click on any of the links above, here's their fb page :D

What will it be?
At the end of your time when nothing's in line
Who will you see?
Someone important and probably close to you

- Smlltlk, Yolanda Moon

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