Fifi Lapin

I believe I made this in either February or March. This was my craft for week.. I forget. Forgive me. Haha. Made this Fifi Lapin case for Ingrid! Sad how I just got back from Singapore and didn't get to see her while I was there. My fault though. We were incredibly busy I completely forgot to let her know where I was staying.. :\ Yes, I've been incredibly forgetful the past few weeks. I think I need a Remembrall! Sorry, still on a Harry Potter high, hahaha! This case was super fun to create and is one of my favorites to date! 

I also picked up the Fifi Lapin book in Singapore so this is super fitting. I'll blog about that, all the other things I bought and some of the stuff I did there soon! Just gotta write down a blog schedule. I need to start posting all my backlogged entries!

You can click on Bunny Snarl beneath my header to see what other things I've made. You can also check out my fb page or email me at for inquiries. :]

"While my friends were dreaming about a world made of grass and carrots, I knew that true happiness resided in a well-stocked wardrobe."

-Fifi Lapin

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