And after weeks of no outfit updates, I am finally posting one! Thanks for the photos, Kyle! >:D< I wore this outfit to dinner with Kyle and his family on his birthday last month. March 1st to be exact. Another delayed outfit post. You guys can be expecting more of these soon!

I've missed blogging. It felt really weird not being able to update this little space of mine as often as I'd like to. I'll still be busy within the next couple of weeks but this will be a fun kind of busy! I'm going into production mode! Gotta design a couple of things tonight and tomorrow then buy materials on Wednesday! Excited :D Tell you more about it when I can. :] 

How are you guys spending your summer? :] Please do share!

Week 9: Herbie

Just one more presentation tomorrow and then I will be done!!! YES! Got to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep last night. Thank You, Jesus! I also have time to blog! Yaaaaay! Finally! :] I will soon make up for my tiny break from blogging. Okay, not so tiny. But whatever! I am back! :D


These photos and a WHOLE lot more coming your way in the next few weeks! I will finally be free after April 30th. As you can probably tell from my little blog break, finals take forever when you're a fashion student. It's all just so time consuming but I am definitely learning so much! Really challenging myself to be more creative. Took 10 minutes out of my incredibly busy night for this little entry right here cos not posting anything for weeks kind of upsets me! Just one more week and I will get all my lost sleep back! Yay! Back to work now! Hope the rest of you are enjoying summer break (even if it's unbearably hot) and/or your weekend! 

Month 3: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This book by Lewis Carroll has got to be one of my favorite reads! I try to read it once every year. It's always so entertaining and it never gets old. If you have time, you might want to try and read it yourself! :] It's a really fun and easy book to read!

Chum Leeeeeeeeeeee

Here's that other Chum Lee entry I promised to post last week, I think. He's soooo cute!!!! And I am proud to say that I took most of these photos, hahaha! I think all except the ones with me in them, of course. :]

Weekly Inspiration

I've been extremely busy with final projects lately and barely have any time left for blogging. :[ Gotta beat those deadlines and all. Prayer and Grace are the only reasons I'm pulling through. Time management and discipline are two things I need right now. But sometimes they escape me, haha. Like last night. I was super tired I ended up falling asleep... Don't you hate it when that happens? Funnily enough, this term's finals are pretty brutal but I actually like what I'll have to submit. So even though the next few weeks might will be crazy for me, I think I'll still enjoy it. Thank You, Jesus! :]