Art: Peony Yip

Loved these from the moment I saw them so i thought I'd share them here. :] All images via I Need a Guide.

Gray and Navy

One of my favorite color palettes. I always wear these colors on lazy days, which also happen to be school days since I normally don't feel like dressing up for school. Also, it's pretty obvious that I practically live in boots. I wear them nearly everyday! They're just too comfortable to resist. 

This is one of my favorite jackets because I love the print and the sleeves. Fine. That's unfair. It's one of my favorites because I made it. HAHA. Really, really happy with how it turned out! It's extremely comfortable. Second time I used that word in this post. I guess you all know where my style is at right now, hahahaha. I really do love the oversized and way too long sleeves-- which is also why I love wearing oversized cardigans, sweaters and jackets that are meant for guys. 

Yolanda Moon: Feature and Gig

Yolanda Moon is featured on's 10 Local Acts You Don't Know But Should list! You can read about that here. So happy for them!! And proud of Kyle :]

Also, if you haven't had the chance to see them perform, you can catch them this Saturday! Details here and on the poster below! Come on :D You know you wannaaaa! :>

Check out their facebook, twitter and soundcloud! :]

This time I've proven to you
I've proven that I was better, that I was
Better than my past

- Path, Yolanda Moon

Bracelet for Ally

Not so sure if you remember this entry, but here's a closer look at that bracelet I made for Ally! I do love the color combinations on this one. 

Enter the Rabbit Hole

This is my 300th entry! Crazy! I know that isn't a lot for a blog that's been up for a year and a half but that's a lot for me! Thank you so so much to everyone who has read or visited this blog! Means a lot :]

Anyway, remember that entry I did for my finals? Well, this is part 2! I haven't worn these boots or this hat since shooting this.. Hmmm, I guess I should change that! Maybe I'll wear them on Friday. 

Fifi Lapin

I believe I made this in either February or March. This was my craft for week.. I forget. Forgive me. Haha. Made this Fifi Lapin case for Ingrid! Sad how I just got back from Singapore and didn't get to see her while I was there. My fault though. We were incredibly busy I completely forgot to let her know where I was staying.. :\ Yes, I've been incredibly forgetful the past few weeks. I think I need a Remembrall! Sorry, still on a Harry Potter high, hahaha! This case was super fun to create and is one of my favorites to date! 

Fox and Wolf (Again)

Today was crazy. Must get some sleep and let my body rest after a really long and tiring but oh so fun day! Saw the Harry Potter and Andy Warhol exhibits at the ArtScience Museum (and a bunch of other things but let's talk HP first :D)! Went CRAZY. For real. Harry Potter. Ahh. I'll stop. Actually, no. The souvenir shop after the exhibit was amazing. If only I could get every single thing... 

I'll write about that and my trip in another entry! For now, I shall say goodnight with these photos of four little creatures and a Wolf camera bag I made for sweet Hanna. :] 


I know I should've posted this earlier but I was busy packing. Leaving for Singapore tomorrow! Should be a really fun week :D Harry Potter exhibit! AHHH!! 

I still got some packing to do but let's talk a little bit about what I'm wearing. I wore this sometime last term. So maybe around late March/early April. And I'm guessing I was tired hence the blank look. The best photo of the bunch is the first one. Love that detail shot :] thanks for taking it, Kyle!

Also, I used to think black and brown together was weird. HA. Guess I don't think that anymore. But I really do only wear black every so often. I gravitate towards grays and blues but I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain that anymore, hahaha. 

Puppets from Kyle

I can't believe I haven't posted these sweet little things yet.. I really thought I did already. Probably because they were taken at the same time Kyle shot product shots for Bunny Snarl and I posted all of those already. Anyway, aren't they adorable??? They make me smile! Kyle got them for me when he was in Vietnam. :] He took some really awesome pictures over there and I'll post them here soon enough!

I just realized I have so many things that need to be shared on this blog-- too many projects I haven't shown you guys, too many late outfit entries. I must really do something about that!

Anyway, I have to get back to sewing some orders (still can't believe I'm getting orders for Bunny Snarl!! God is good!). Click read more to see the puppets more clearly! Don't you just love all the pretty patterns on them? And oh my goodness. It's a bunny. Such a cute little thing. I die every time I see it. The elephant is awesome too but you know me. I have a thing for bunnies ;] 

I am rambling. Enough. Must get back to work! I also have to get my stuff ready for my pattern making class tomorrow! 

Chili Pepper Skirt

This skirt is one of my favorites! I don't really like black but the print is just too cute. Wore this sometime in April when Ally and I gave a little talk at Operation Blessing for our NSTP class.