Curiouser and Curiouser

So, so excited that I am finally sharing these photos with you! This shoot was for my Fashion Conceptualization finals. Chose 3 different points of inspiration, came up with a moodboard, did some designs and then styled this shoot to show the feel of my brand and how the designs could possibly turn out if they were produced. Maybe I'll show you those things next time! For now, let's focus on this set. Got two more outfits to share with you from this shoot. Photos by the awesome Kyle (who arrived today! yaaaay! :DD) and makeup by Jireh, one of my closest friends from school. I think it's weird that I don't really have pictures of us to share with you guys but we might shoot next week so I'll probably have something to show you in the near future (I hope. I know I'm always late :[ haha)

Anyway, more pictures after the jump! :] Can anyone guess one of my inspirations? It's pretty obvious (from the title and all.. HAHA) :]

Some photos by Kyle

Here are some pictures Kyle took a few months ago. He's coming back from Europe this week! Excited to see all the photos he took! Will be sure to share some of them with you guys :] Check out his flickr, soundcloud and Yolanda Moon's fb page. :] 

Friendship Bracelets

So much to do tonight.. Gotta finish packing for our trip tomorrow, design some things for Bunny Snarl customers and list down a bunch of ideas I have for my blog! I'm actually looking forward to working at the beach, haha. 

Anyway, made these bracelets during week 10, I believe. Sorry. Haven't been keeping track of what I've been making and when I made them. But glad to say, I have definitely made something (actually more than one thing) for all weeks of the year so far. But I haven't been drawing every week. Haha. Oh, well. I'll try to draw more! But I don't know if I'll still post them. We'll seeeee! 

Better pictures of the bracelets after the jump, so click read more! :]

Hello there, Ally!

I finally get to introduce you all to Ally tonight! She's one of my best friends and I really should've posted these photos a longggggggggg time ago. We wore this when we watched The Hunger Games with Kyle (who took these pictures before the movie. Thankooo :D), Niro and Yani! Yup, that long ago. We watched it on its first week of showing too. So it was really that long ago. Hahaha. 

Funny story about these outfits. Ally and I wore the tops we're using here at the same time (again) last month. April 20th to be exact. Okay, fine. That wasn't funny.. But it really did happen! Sadly, she lost her shirt that same day when she changed into her outfit for her first fashion show so I guess we won't get to wear them together for a third time. 

Bunny Snarl in Instagram

Some photos I shared on instagram. Follow me (username: misspixiedust)? :D LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) has got to be my favorite Adventure Time character! Who do you guys like? :] Please do leave a comment! I love reading those! :] Anyway, if you keep reading, you'll see another character from Adventure Time, one from The Avengers and my little narwhals in the making, haha! I'm a busy busy bee. And it looks like there'll be no sleeping for me til I get everything done! 

Bunny Snarl: Turtles and Narwhals

Here are a few other things I'll be selling at Unload this Friday and Saturday! :] Click the link for more on the event and please like my facebook page! It'd really mean a lot! :]

Turtles will forever be close to my heart ❤ Been drawing these things since I was a kid. And well, narwhals are pretty cool. My sister asked me what they were and I said they were unicorn whales, hahahaha. I have a bunch of these sweet little creatures who are just waiting for you to take them home! :] Keep reading for more photos! 

Bunny Snarl

So this is what's been keeping me busy! Been making a bunch of different things for Unload! Unload is a bazaar by Happy Nappy that will be happening this Friday and Saturday (May 18-19) at Enderun Colleges from 3pm to 12mn. Please be there and support my brand Bunny Snarl! :] It would mean oh so much to me!

Bunny Snarl is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I've been designing and making customized cases for friends and family. I also made a bunch of keychains to give away as gifts last Christmas. I knew I wanted to take this somewhere but I wasn't sure how to do this and what I would call it. I've been working on this since December last year and with a lot of prayer and advice from some important people, it finally came together! Couldn't be happier about it! :] Bunny Snarl still has a long way to go and needs improvement here and there but I'm glad I can now share it with all of you! :] Hope you'll all stay along for its journey! 

Anyway, these are just a few of the cases I've been making! You can see more photos if you click read more :> Will upload photos of the keychains I've been making in another entry for tomorrow. :]

As always, photos by the awesome Kyle who is in Rome right now on a photography job! :] Proud of you! More on that in another entry :]

Blues, Creams, Browns and Smurfs

Here's another late outfit post! This was taken I can't even remember when one Friday some weeks ago at Mercato. Accompanied Kyle to a meeting he had with some of his friends. Because there was decent lighting, Kyle was able to take some outfit shots! I remember wanting to shoot this earlier that afternoon but we had a bunch of other things to do and didn't have time to squeeze it in. By the time we were free, the sun was gone. :[ Oh, well! Guess it worked out. Gotta try new things (and new shooting locations) every now and then! Oh, and look at that first photo above! Sometimes my hair is nice and cooperates with me! I wish my hair looked like that everyday, haha.

Norma Jeane

Remember this inspiration post I did waaaaay back? Well, Marilyn Monroe was included there because of this midterm project. Only got around to posting it now. Haha doesn't it seem like I always say that? Heeheehee. Anyway, if you keep reading you'll see the moodboard I made (which includes an awesome picture taken by Kyle!) and clearer photos of the designs I came up with!