Right as Rain

Sorry for the lack of posts the past 2 weeks. It's finals week this week and next so I'm pretty busy studying and finishing up projects. Thankfully, my heaviest subject ended today and now I will be able to post more regularly. 

❤ Change of Season

Saw this lovely spread on fgr last night. Yes, it's a very common theme, but Marie Claire Italia managed to make it quite delightful. The photos, model and styling is superb. I wish I could shoot in a location like that regularly, haha.

Snow White

Snow White was never one of my favorite Disney princesses, but I have been called Snow White a couple of times because of my black hair and super pale skin, haha. Maybe I'll try to draw my own version of her one day, but for now here are some pretty illustrations I found.

Lazy Day

This look is something I'd wear everyday. Pretty much my no brainer outfit and daily uniform, haha. I need more oversized sweaters and pullovers--preferably made with thin and soft fabrics-- in my wardrobe. 

Pastels and Pinks

Here's an inspiration post of things that never fail to make my heart flutter or put a smile on my face.

Short and Sweet

I wore this outfit to school some weeks ago (yet again). I got the title of this post from Esperanza Spalding. I was hoping to be able to quote from the song but it's instrumental, haha. And for something that's supposedly short, it's quite long. 5:53minutes to be exact, haha. But it is a beautiful composition and it keeps me calm, which is something I need. Finals are nearing and kind of stressing me out, haha.

Triumph International Award 2011

The Triumph Inspiration Award (TIA) is an international design competition that challenges fashion students to create a lingerie showpiece for the year’s design theme. The TIA is by one of the leading underwear manufacturers, Triumph International. This year the TIA was held in Berlin, Germany on July 6, 2011 during the Mercedes Benz fashion week.

Livestock and Vegetables

Livestock and vegetables on my shirt, that is. Hahaha. Got this quirky little top from Applerust and I totally adore it. Wore it with one of my favorite pair of shorts and ended up loving the outfit. One of my favorite looks I've put together this year. Love these pictures but I wish I had pictures in the sun. My bad. I was too lazy to go outside that day so Kyle just took my pictures inside the mall, haha. I guess that's what I get. Good thing they turned out pretty well, haha. I especially love the closeups. Thanks, Kyle. :]

Braids, Braids and more Braids!

Hair envy! I love my black hair but it's not always the best color for braids unless you have really good lighting, haha. Oh, well. All these pictures make me want to get better at braiding my hair! If there are good results, I might just show you how it turns out. :]

Plains, Checks, Stripes, and Dots

Here's another outfit worn weeks ago that I'm only posting now. And as always, photos by Kyle! :] Thank you!

Cupcake Love

The weather's been so gloomy lately I thought I'd do a little post about cupcakes to make me happy, haha. I also hope this makes you happy!! Do cupcakes make you smile, too? :] 

Brighter than the Sun

Here are some photos taken by Kyle that I totally forgot about and never got to post. I love this dress because of its print and color. Also wearing my favorite hat ever and socks that I find myself using more and more. I miss wearing socks and heels. I haven't worn heels for the longest time, haha. I find myself taking advantage of the weather and wearing my boots.