Hear the Bells

Wore this a few weeks back to watch a show with Kyle. We had some time to spare before the show started so we decided to have a little shoot. Please don't mind the cellphone in my pocket in the first two pictures, haha. 

BS CT Graduation Show

Last October 15, 2011 was a big day for me and for my friend Rowhe. It was my first time doing runway and it was my friend's graduation show for BS Clothing Technology (UP Diliman). The fashion show was for one of her classes which was taught by my professor (in SoFA), Miss Ish Orendain. Remember the Alice Morbie Doll that went with me to Europe? Ms Ish made that. :]

Lead Balloon

Something that's been stuck in my head for the past few weeks. Love this song by Rosi Golan! 

I've been strung along and carried by a lead balloon
Oh but how could I have ever left the ground
When the reason I've been struggling pulling my weight is you
You're my love, you're my lead balloon 

-Lead Balloon, Rosi Golan


Here's a little sneak peak at something I shot with Kyle. :]

"I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be."

-Batman, The Dark Knight

Cars and a Bunny

Wore this last Friday to a movie with some girl friends and youth service later on with Kyle and my brother, Enzo. 

Feature: College Fashionista

I was featured on College Fashionista thanks to the wonderful Patricia Prieto! To read the article go here or just click the picture! If you want to read the blog entry for that particular outfit, go here. :]

You've got the loudest bark, but you've got no bite
It's a funny sight to see
Like a paper tiger hanging on a string
Darling, you don't bother me

-Paper Tiger, Rosi Golan

Underneath a Beating Heart

There are times when I really, really wish it weren't so hot in the Philippines so I could wear nice chunky knits. That won't really be a problem now because it is freezing in the new building of SoFA, haha. I wore shorts to school last week and my legs went numb. It's seriously cold in the classrooms, haha. Perfect for layering and for jackets, knits, tights, boots, and hats! Dressing up for school should be more fun now! :]

Spring 2012 RTW: Milan

Here's batch 4 of Milan Fashion Week. Antonio Marras, Bottega Veneta, Marni, and Prada! 

Blues and Whites

I wore this to the 60th birthday party of my uncle. It was a really happy family gathering. Too bad my uncle didn't have his voice that night! Decided to wear something comfortable, but I wasn't too sure of what to put together. Picked random stuff from my closet and most of what I got were in shades of blue and white. Blue. I really tend to dress in that color when I don't know what to wear, haha.

Spring 2012 RTW: Milan

I got back from Cebu last night. Spent the weekend there with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. It was loads of fun. Pictures from the trip soon. Anyway, here's batch 3 from Milan Fashion Week! Sorry this is taking forever, haha. 

Bangkok, Day 2 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of day 2 in Bangkok. This post is full of elephants, haha. They are magnificently adorable creatures. Isn't the stoplight above pretty cool? 

Spring 2012 RTW: Milan

Here's batch 2 from Milan Fashion Week. I know it's taking me awhile to post these. Sorry, I've been quite the busy little bee. I love the colors and the smart use of sheer fabric from Alberta Ferretti's latest collection. 

Bangkok, Day 2 (Part 1)

And finally, here is part 1 of day 2 of our trip to Bangkok. We went to the Grand Palace, a crocodile and elephant farm, and MBK that day. I don't have too many photos from the Grand Palace and MBK because we didn't stay long at the Grand Palace and we were too busy shopping at MBK, hahaha! 

Spring 2012 RTW: Milan

I know I said I'd start posting about Milan Fashion Week last Thursday, but I had some other things to do. Sorry about that! Here's the first batch of looks from Milan. :]