Week 7: Eyes

Some watercolor illustrations I had to do for my Mixed Media class! This class is actually quite fun. Our professor encouraged us to play with colors and that is exactly what I did.

Week 7: Polymer Clay Accessories

Here's a little something I had to make for my Mixed Media class in SoFA. This is the activity I've enjoyed the most so far. I really like making crafty things and this was super duper fun! And cute, I might add. Heehee. 

Weekly Inspiration

Here's my improved version of Weekly Inspiration! I chose to focus on certain things and share those with you. These posts will now be more detailed and I'll be telling you why I like them and how they inspire me! I hope you guys will enjoy these entries better than the ones before! Keep reading if you're curious! :]

Fall 2012: Anna Sui

I have always loved Anna Sui and I was excited to see her Fall 2012 collection! I couldn't help but smile and say "ooooh" while viewing it. It is too darn cute. From all the hats and gloves to all the colors and prints and patterns. Ahhh. Seeing things like this make me so happy!

I'm currently preparing my Weekly Inspiration post but I don't know if I'll have it ready by tonight or tomorrow! I'm trying to change it up a bit and make it better so please bear with me. :]

For now, enjoy these photos and let me know what you think!

Fall 2012: Proenza Schouler

This collection left me breathless. From the moment I saw it I couldn't get it out of my head!! The clothes from Proenza Schouler never ever fail to amaze me! There are a lot of boots I've been loving this fashion week! Some of which are included in this post! :] What do you guys think of this collection?

Week 6: Mask

Made this for school and it turned out pretty... odd? Hahaha. I didn't really know what I was doing and for the first time in my whole life (No kidding. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but still. Fine. Maybe for the first time since I've been in SoFA, haha.) I didn't think it through--well, the doodling and fabric and paper at least. I only planned the paint and the paisley shapes, haha. Sorry, can't help myself.

Live It With Love

A certain song by Ingrid Michaelson has been stuck in my head so I decided to name this entry after it. These photos were shot by Kyle last Friday. I love how he edited these shots! They totally go with my outfit, haha! Also, I must say that I absolutely adore the photo with the bus in it. Good job, Kyle! :] Thanks for always taking my pictures :D

Oh, any Harry Potter fans here? If you keep reading you'll see a cute little something that never fails to make me smile! :]

Week 5: Batman/Joker

It feels like I made this ages ago! But in reality it was only a few weeks, hahaha. I made this case for my cousin. Originally, he wanted me to design a Captain America case for him but he saw the case I made for Kyle and the one I made for my brother, Enzo. After that he asked me if I could do a case with both Batman and Joker on it and I said yes! Thankfully, I keep all my patterns so making this case was easy breezy. :] 

Week 5: Girlies

Obviously not my best drawing ever. Drew this on my planner in class yet again. Funny how I drew it in the same class as this one. I guess I had the time to make the other one so detailed, hahahaha. I'll try to post better illustrations! Haven't really had the time to sit down and draw. Except for school. I'm taking up Mixed Media this term. It's actually pretty fun. We'll be doing a whole lot of drawing on Thursday. First time to be drawing a live model, haha. This should be interesting.

For you shall be my lady love,
and I shall be your lord. 
I'll always keep you warm and safe,
and guard you with my sword.

- A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin

Double Bunny!

Sometimes I like putting outfits together and just having Kyle shoot me. Heehee. He's nice like that. Always agreeing to shoot me. :] I was on a bunny high that day (fine, I'm always bunny crazy..) and decided to wear two bunny pieces instead of just one! 

Week 4: foxbunnyowl

Super late post! I'll be posting a lot of crafts and illustrations next week! Yay! :] 

Week 6: Fortune Beaver

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Any guesses on who received this little present from me? Fine. It's pretty obvious, hahaha. Thanks for taking the pictures, Kyle! :] Andddd for the book and cupcake and tops! :D Heeee.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Heee. Had a really good day today! Kyle came over and surprised me! :D fun, fun, fun. Decided to post my most appropriate Valentine's Day outfit, hahaha. The colors might be better suited for Christmas, though. Chose this look because I was wearing red and this is the most girly outfit I have in my folder of backlogged look posts, haha. Guess that means my style hasn't been that dainty lately.

Some of the things I bought in Singapore

Didn't really go crazy clothes shopping in Singapore. My brother and I did go crazy book shopping though! We lined up in Page One for 3 hours! They were having a major sale. All books at 50% off and others went up to 80% off. Ahhh, gotta love that! 

Week 4: Bunny Case for Voldy

Something I made for my camera, Voldemort, two weeks ago. Isn't the bunny case a perfect match for something named Voldemort? Hahaha.


I wore this outfit last Friday to school and to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with Kyle, Niro and Yani (So funny how all our outfits matched! I'll show you guys a photo of that next time! :])! A movie that I watched again today with my friend, Ally. Watched it twice because it was that good. Heeee. Can't wait to read the books! But I really must finish all my Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) books first. Don't you just love how my outfit is so different from what I'm writing about now? I know I do. HAHA.


Here's another outfit from last year! Wanted to be more girly than how I normally dress these days but I think the boots killed it, hahaha. But I really wouldn't have worn it any other way! Love how the boots add some masculinity to this ultra feminine outfit.