Week 8 and 9: Fox and Wolf

Finally posting these cases I made some weeks ago! Extremely happy with how these turned out because unlike the other cases I've made (people give me designs and I sketch them out) I designed these two animals myself! :D Success! Haha. These cases were made for Miss Fox herself, Hanna, and her boyfriend! She said that they both love the cases so hurrah! She's asked me to make her a fox camera case so I'll be working on that soon! Also, these photos were all taken by her! Thanks again, Hanna!!! :D

Chum Lee Again!

Shot these photos a few weeks ago with Kyle. We were supposed to be doing an outfit shoot but I decided to take Chum Lee along and it quickly became a Chum Lee shoot, haha! I don't mind one but cos he's super duper cute! Just look at himmmmm! Don't you wanna play with him and hug him??

Weekly Inspiration

Been swamped with work lately so here are some of the things that keep me going. :]

Yolanda Moon

As you can tell from the awesome poster made by the awesome Niro, it's the launch of Yolanda Moon on April 4th! That's already next Wednesday! But if you're curious and wanna see them before that, they have an event on March 29th (this Thursday). Check it out over here! If you wanna know more about the band, keep reading. :D 

Week 7: Mad Hatter

A little something I never got to post. Figured it'd be better for me to post this before I start posting works from weeks after this, haha! Forgive the bad quality photos. These are just Photo Booth pictures. 

Month 2: A Storm of Swords

This post is embarrassingly late. What's even worse is I haven't actually finished the book yet.. After all, I am only human, haha. Tried to do some crazy speed reading but a story as good as this deserved better than that. So many things happened in this book and some of those things, well, let's just say I couldn't move on and get on with the story, hahaha. Yes, it's true. It's very personal to me, hahaha. I wish I could really talk about it but I won't because season 2 of Game of Thrones is coming out in 11 days! Yup, I just checked my calendar and literally counted the days, haha (my brain is too tired from working on midterm papers). Having just said that, I highly doubt any of you would want spoilers, haha. But gosh. WHY. just. WHYYYYY. WHYYY. That's all I can say. Haha.  

I've been extremely busy with school and orders (still can't believe that people actually like the things I make that they would actually buy from me, haha!) sooo sadly that means I haven't had a lot of time to read. Sad. No worries though, I'm finishing up this book already. Most of it was read in February sooo it's still my month 2 book! HAHA. 


I cannot believe that I didn't write an outfit post for my blog for about 2 weeks. Kyle and I have both been extremely busy and finding time to shoot and edit photos was a problem. This is my last set from 2011! After this, all outfits will be from this year! :] Hurrah! K. March is already ending and I'm only moving on to 2012 outfits now, hahaha. 

Weekly Inspiration

Tried to post this last Monday but I really couldn't because all my time was devoted to my midterms. Nearly done with all of them! Just two more to deal with! I'll try to blog more this week to make up for the lack of posts this month! Haha. :] But let's focus on this week's inspiration post first! :]

Fall 2012: Alexander McQueen

Andddd here is that other collection I was talking about!! Gah. One of my favorites this season! So amazing! Everything's perfect-- from the overall looks to all the tiny little details. The colors are quite awesome too!

Fall 2012: Viktor & Rolf

I don't think I ever had a whole week with no updates on my blog. I had lots of entries drafted but those only had pictures and I really had no time to write. :[ Sorry about that! Was hard at work on my midterm projects and all my homework. Had to set my priorities and school definitely came before blogging. I'm extremely happy with how my work turned out and I can't wait to show it to all of you! :] I still have two more midterms to finish this week but they won't be as time consuming! The other one is a practical exam for Advanced Draping so I won't even need to prepare for that, haha! How I've missed writing these entries!

Fall 2012: Gianfranco Ferré

Last post of the night then I gotta improve some sketches and scan them. Sooo much work to be done. I wish I could just stare at all these photos and call that work because they are gorgeous. I guess what I'm loving about this past fashion week is pretty obvious through all my posts, hahaha. Except for the Moschino one. Had to change it up a bit since oversized coats and everything aren't the only thing I'm loving this season! This is actually one of my favorites this time around. Everything looks so chic and polished but it still has some roughness to it. Love!!

Fall 2012: Moschino

Midterms, midterms, midterms. Lezdothis. Needed to take a breather from all the research I've been doing. I've still got loads of work waiting for me and only 2-4 days (depending on the subject) to finish everything. I'll definitely get everything done with a whole lot of prayer and a whole lot of not sleeping, haha. Anyway, figured writing for my blog would be a little productive break so here I am. This collection by Moschino is spectacular! So costume-y and lively but a lot of the pieces are actually quite wearable. Gotta love that!

Week 8: Fall 2011 Girls

I'm posting something I drew from Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. Two whole seasons ago! Haha. Was in the mood to draw that day and I had my Vogue Paris Collections Fall 2011 issue out so I decided to choose two looks and copy them. I love drawing like this and I'm having a hard time drawing a proper fashion croquis now, hahahaha. Oh, well. Not my style anyway!

UNESTABLISH.COM New Arrivals: Veira Bags

UNESTABLISH.COM is pleased to announce the addition of Singapore bag label Veira to the expanding number of local brands it carries.


Some of you might be wondering what that banner above my header is all about! It's this awesome online boutique called UNESTABLISH.COM. They carry brands like KLING, Mink Pink, Free People, Finders Keepers, Sundays, and many many more! Keep reading if you want to know more about it! Come on! You know you dooooo ;]

Weekly Inspiration

Here's a little something to cheer you up-- especially if you've been feeling a bit sick like me!

Fall 2012: Topshop Unique

I wish they had Topshop Unique in the Philippines. These pieces are to die for. Hello, gorgeous color palette! I have this thing right now for that specific shade of green so I went crazy when I saw this. Maybe you can tell from all the collections I've been posting that I'm kinda into this oversized coat and jacket trend! The layering here is also superb. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Fall 2012: Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou has quickly become one of my favorite designers. Every single season of fashion week I find myself anticipating the release of her next collection. She never ever fails to amaze me. The prints, silhouettes, and techniques she uses are genius. Oh, how I would love to see her dresses in person. Yup, even just seeing them would make me happy. Just so I could marvel at all the details. Sigh. 

It's Someone's Birthdaaaaay!

Happy, happy birthday, Kyle!!!! >:D< I think it's only fitting that I post this outfit since you took the photos and you gave me that baseball shirt. I borrowed your beanie for this one too, hehe. Also, we were kinda matching that day, don't you think? :]